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TCL Host: Don Shafer - don@theconversationlab.ca

Producer: Kimit Sekhon -kimit@coopradio.o

Design: Julian Anton - julian.anton@outlook.com

Production:  John Masecar - jmasecar@telus.net

Executive Producer: Bryan Mckinnon - ed@coopradio.org

our guests

Bryan Mckinnon & Menakshi Mannoe: Co-op Radio

Tzeporah Berman: Stand.Earth

Naiomi Klein, Al Gore & Jason Moore

Devon Page: Eco-Justice

Angela MacDougal: Battered Women's Support Services

Kevin Barlow: Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council 

Karen Mahon: Environmentalist, Trainer, Activist

Kim Haxton &Kelly Terbasket:  IndigenEYEZ.     

Travis Lupick: Author & Journalist

Karen Wristen: Living Oceans Society 

George Pitman & Cally Wesson: Variety, The Children's Charity

Katharine Hayhoe: Scientist: Author, Professor

Sarah Leamon: PACE: The Coven Club, WACL-BC  

Naomi Oreskes: Scientist: Author, Professor

Kelly Oliver - Professor & author

Linda Solomon Wood: The National Observer

Tom Wanklin: The City of Vancouver

Kit Rothschild & Olive Bing: PACE Society

Scott Elliot: The Dr Peter Aids Foundation

Julia Hunter & Leonard Schien: Food Stash

Dara Parker: The Vancouver Foundation

Nicola Dunne - The Plan Institute

Cynthia Minh - The Disability Alliance

Jae Mayther - The Carbon Free Group

Peter Wrinch & Charlene Lo - The Hollyhock Leadership Institute 

Barbara Coates and Tom Littlewood - Dans Legacy

Sue Biely - Good Pitch Vancouver